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Weird insects

Some think, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 insects live on our planet. Crazy! There are lots of different insects – big and small. Check out these weird insects!

Stick insects

Foto: Pan Xunbin/Shutterstock

This insect is long and thin – like a stick. That is very clever because other animals cannot find and eat it.

weird = seltsam, komisch
stick = Stab, Stock

Leaf insects

Foto: Anukool Manoton/Shutterstock

These are also called “walking leaves”. Their body and its colour help them to hide in the trees and bushes.

leaf, leaves = Blatt, Blätter

Hercules beetle

Foto: feathercollector/Shutterstock

This beetle is super strong. It can carry things 850 times its own weight. Imagine if you could hold up five elephants!

beetle = Käfer
850 times its own weight = 850-mal so schwer wie das eigene Gewicht

Scorpion fly

Foto: nechaevkon/Shutterstock

This fly lives in Austria. It looks like a dangerous scorpion but it is not dangerous at all! Scorpion flies eat fruit and berries.

Roberta Hofer

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