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Dinosaurs lived hundreds of millions of years ago. The earth looked very different and there were no people. Check out these cool dinosaurs!

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Foto: Warpaint/Shutterstock

This dinosaur is also called “T-Rex”. It had big, strong legs and could run very fast. It hunted and ate small dinosaurs.

hunt = jagen


Foto: Herschel Hoffmeyer/Shutterstock

This was one of the biggest dinosaurs. It was 40 metres long and weighed 100 tons. It had a very long neck because it liked to eat tall trees.

weigh = wiegen

Flying dinosaurs

Foto: Warpaint/Shutterstock

Some dinosaurs could fly. They had very big wings. They did not have feathers like birds but skin like reptiles.

wings = Flügel

skin = Haut

Dinosaur bones

Foto: Ton Bangkeaw/Shutterstock

Dinosaur bones show us many things: What dinosaurs looked like, how big they were and what they liked to eat.

bones = Knochen

Roberta Hofer